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"YOKOHAMA AIR CABIN" just opened in April 2021 in Yokohama. >MORE

COVID-19 Status in Japan

Japanese Government has eased immigration restrictions for business travelers from 8th November >MORE

The number of newly infected people continues to decrease steadily >MORE

The state of emergency has  been lifted all over japan on September 30, 2021. >MORE



"Sapporo Snow Festival" is suspended due to COVID-19

It has been decided that "Sapporo Snow Festival" held at Odori Park and Susukino area in Sapporo every year will be suspended in 2021.

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We started "MICE" operation !

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Customizable Package Tours


We provide some package tours for travel agents. Those tours can be customized up to your requests. 

Tailor-made Group Tours


Please let us know what and where your guests are interested in.  We are making an itinerary for you .


Fully Individual Tours


We will work as your best partner in Japan by planning and arranging itinerary for your guests.



Please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below for any inquiries.

Optional Built-in Tours (OBT)

We have several mini-tours which can be included into your itinerary. Each mini-tour is focusing on specific interest and theme.

 Please think about including some of mini-tours into your itinerary.